Jar of Rubies

Hello! I'm Zenith, a digital artist specializing in illustration and design for Vtubers!

Commission Status: Closed

About Me

Jar of Rubies is a one-woman art & design studio run by me, Zenith! My artist brand began in 2016 when I started turning my artwork into stickers and prints. I have since expanded my merchandise to include keychains, enamel pins, apparel, and more. During the pandemic, I further expanded to doing creative work for Vtubers. When I am not drawing or designing, I'm recording song covers, cosplaying, and doing volunteer work at animal shelters.

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I reserve the right to refuse a commission. If I am unable to complete your commission you will be informed as soon as possible.

1. All payments will be made via Paypal. When the commission details have been confirmed I will send you an invoice. Once full payment has been made I will begin work.

2. Please be responsive. I will send you periodic updates on your commissioned piece and you can provide feedback. I will change things accordingly.

3. Please limit your tweaks. Once you confirm the sketch, please try not to change it further, as once I have started colouring it is hard to go back.

4. I refund based on the amount of work left. So if I have completed $10 worth of work out of the full $15, you will receive a $5 refund.

5. No refunds once the commission is completed.

6. Do not claim, sell, or redistribute my work. Please ask me about if you would like to use my work for commercial purposes. Commissions are for personal use only unless stated otherwise.

7. Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use part of their commissioned artwork for blockchain-related technology, cryptocurrency, NFTs (non-fungible tokens), and future inventions in the space. Use of artwork for any advertising or profits associated with blockchain-related technology, cryptocurrency, and NFTs are strictly prohibited.

If you have any questions about my commission guidelines, please feel free to message me on any of my social media platforms or email me directly at zenith.chan@gmail.com. Thank you so much!


Commissions that I am currently working on.

Stolas Corax (Ref Sheet)
LocketteSprite (Raffle Prize)
KatRael (Illustration)
SakiWolf (Illustration)
Lahzerin (Illustration)


Commissions that I have not yet started. Will be moved to the queue once the invoices have been sent and paid for.

Scarlet Magus (Illustration)
Taiga (Logo)
RealVenom (Illustration)
Ruiner (Illustration)
Mei-en (Illustration)
Nikolas Nelo (Logo)
Kiba (Logo)


All prices are in USD

If you would like me to draw more semi-realistic or more anime-style, please feel free to request it and I will do my best to accommodate!


Full-colour only

Starting price: US$50+
(increases based on complexity)
Commercial usage OK!
Includes up to 3 revisions
Includes 1 PNG file


Full-colour only

Head: $60
Bust: $75
Half-body: $100
3/4-body: $125
Full-body: $150
x2 for each additional character
x2 for commercial usage

+$0: Flat colour
+$10 and up: Simple
+$20 and up: Complex

If you want an even more complex background, consider a "full illustration commission" below


Full-colour only

Illustrative portraits

$250 and up

Illustrations centering around human portraits half-body and up with more complex backgrounds.

Environmental Illustration

$350 and up

Full illustrations centering around environment / backgrounds instead of human figures.

Illustrative Full-body

$300 and up

Illustrations centering around human full-body figures with more complex backgrounds.

Additional requests

For additional requests not listed here, feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media or email me directly at zenith.chan@gmail.com

Live2D Art

Please note that this does NOT include rigging.

Commissions will NOT be first-come first-serve and will instead be picked as I need to assess whether your model is something that I will be able to draw well in my style. Thank you for understanding!

All prices are in USD

Package Includes

1 PSD file with layers fully separated for rigging
1 fully-rendered model in a neutral A-pose
4 expressions of your choice

Base Prices

Half-body: $350 and up
Full body: $500 and up


+$20 per extra expression

A detailed design with many parts, such as animal ears, hair accessories, jackets, etc. means a higher price. I will charge different prices depending on complexity of the model.


I am now only accepting commissions through @NegaiLab
Our website is under construction and commissions are CLOSED


All prices are in USD

I am now only accepting commissions through @NegaiLab
Our website is under construction and commissions are CLOSED

Includes 1 design for 5 panels + 1 blank
Total 6 panels per set
+$5 per additional panel
Commercial usage OK

Includes 5 screens + 1 blank
Total 6 screens per set
+$20 per additional screen
Commercial usage OK

FULL SET: $125
Includes Twitch panel set
Includes overlay set
+$5 per additional panel
+$20 per additional screen
Commercial usage OK